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The Draconic Alliance

Xenophobia, Propaganda and Might


One of the oldest empires in existence, the DA control as much space as both Orion and Enigma combined. Led by an extensive monarchy, they only allow “Draconic” species or reptilian into their ranks, with other species being turned away rather harshly.


Although it's easy (and correct) to criticise the DA for their xenophobic stance, they are undoubtedly powerful and their expansive empire is well protected with a tremendously competitive military force. They exist in a manner that's directly opposite to the UC in the way that they're more than strong enough to hold their own against most heavy hitter factions, and win against them, but they have no allies to back them up and plenty of enemies who'd be more than happy to join the fight. This means that the DA are in a surprisingly fragile state within the universe, despite their frontal strength. As a result of its fragility, the DA has halted most of its expansion and only takes small pieces of unclaimed space, even forfeiting some valuables around it's border to keep the peace as best as possible, only taking defensive action when necessary.


The DA provide a moderate quality of life to reptilian citizens and an excellent one to draconic citizens, with exceptional citizen satisfaction for the most part. That being said, the towering glass skyscraper mega-cities of the DA are absolutely choked full of propaganda about the other factions, and good opinions of their royal family. This ensures a common enemy and a uniting point for their people, helping to keep the peace within their own borders. Problems can always be attributed to those damned mule-blood assholes outside of the borders, right?


Life is otherwise similar to modern day capitalistic life for the most part for DA citizens; with various roles to fulfil and money to be made, many of the DA's people will never see any form of violence or danger, kept safely away in their various paradise worlds. The DA benefited from starting their early days with immensely rich mineral fields in close proximity to their home-world, allowing for the rapid production of ships and collecting a few anomalous artefacts and materials cemented their position as a universal powerhouse nicely.


The DA have gone through several large scale civil wars that have impacted themselves and others in massive fashion, with the records of the billions killed destroyed purposefully, closer to cullings than civil wars. They will never admit to their dark history and the only reason anyone even knows they happened outside of the royal family is due to survivors, passing on their story. It is completely fair to say that a large part of the DA's current day strength is built on the graves of those they exploited, and then murdered. This systematic betrayal of their former citizens (forming a counter faction known as the Dominion of Chass) has contributed to their fragile state in the universe, with many actively looking for revenge for past crimes committed.


The DA has an immensely well developed transportation network and an extensive fleet of high speed spacecraft that allows them to move people around with extreme ease compared to other massive factions, meaning that many of their citizens will frequently system hop and their internal affairs are surprisingly well connected for such an expansive     empire. Galaxy hopping is seen as a trivial matter and expected within a lot of job positions within their government. Consequently, it also means they can respond to threats in a remarkably timely fashion, which makes pirate raids of their borders minimal to non-existent.


Politically, the DA’s large royal family make all the decisions, with more well respected and older figures being given more area and people to rule over. The process of their decision making is not very well understood and it appears to be a “force of personality” system, whereby anything a royal says, goes. Therefore, convincing them is all that is required to enact change. The royal member in question is always fully shielded from any repercussions from their actions, making for a hilariously imbalanced system and most, if not all non-royals do their absolute best to remain close to their local duke or duchess, as falling out of favour can have severe consequences should their rivals manipulate the local royal into action against them.


In combat, the DA are highly capable, using a variety of extremely deadly weapons, vehicles and tactics. Their primary form of weapon is the “Vulcan” brand hyper ballistic series that rapidly fires micro needles at insane speeds to shred through practically all traditional forms of physical protection. These are well crafted, sleek, effective weapons that can kill at remarkable range, meaning even the most basic of DA infantry are capable of going toe to toe with the power armour equipped Orion shock marines. Beyond that, they have a vast selection of powerful plasma weaponry that gives them a strong edge versus energy shields as well.


A combination of hover barges and warshees (giant ridable crocodilian-like creatures), as well as custom mechs known as “Dragoons” give the DA an extremely high tier large scale warfare capabilities, with Dragoons in particular feared for their oversized Vulcan weapons (known as Macro Vulcan weapons) that operate as huge, upscaled versions of their infantry counterparts. Even a basic Dragoon is capable of surface to orbit fire in a deadly barrage of macro needles, shredding incoming ships with deadly accuracy. There is no shortage of Dragoons available to deploy and it is every child's dream to become a Dragoon pilot within the DA, meaning oftentimes, the pilot is exceptionally skilled and capable of extreme manoeuvres in their gundam-like mechs.


So, between their macro-Vulcan equipped mechas, hard hitting infantry, highly capable arsenal and solid numbers, plus all the usual trimmings for a Empire of their size and above average technological prowess, it's no surprise that the DA are highly feared in combat. But with so many dangerous enemies watching their borders for weakness, appearance is everything to the DA, as even the slightest drop in their formidable defences could spell the beginning of the end for them. Trust that they would go down fighting to the bitter end though; tyrants like their royal family would sacrifice everything they've built out of sheer spite...

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The Chosen

The Dominion of Chass

The Followers of Cyrune

The Azuri's

Manakadia Dominion


The Draconic Alliance have a uniform species composition, with several draconic species and a few reptilian types, plus the recent addition of the czarites 

They have a large amount of paradise planets and high quality habitual planets compared to other factions

You are unlikely to encounter DA citizens beyond their borders within an average lifetime but very likely to have heard of them

The DA military is known for being cold towards other species and ruthless

The addition of the czarites into their empire has raised eyebrows across the universe as the species is far from draconic, but the potential of the species was assumed to be the reason for the breaking of tradition


"Vulcan" Ballistic weapons and "Pryst" Plasma Weapon systems

Armour class

High tech mesh armour systems, plasma shields and synthetic scale enhancements

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