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The Manakadia Dominion

Bitter, Advanced and Forced to Fight


An unusual faction that formed around a “God” of inanimate material that provides them with infinite energy, The Manakadia Dominion is the largest faction of luscorphs (plant-based creatures) and mianracorphs (synthetic/AI creatures) in the entire universe, luscorphs being practically unheard of outside of The MaD's borders.

It is not known exactly how their “God” came to be, but the early remnants of The MaD was propelled into power by salvaging a destroyed Carthonex fortress world, and reverse-engineering their technology. They expanded methodically and were peaceful at first, but soon came up against The Draconic Alliance who did not see too kindly to the luscorphs attempting contact, and a war broke between the two. Several diplomatic incidents between The MaD and the Terra-corps have also produced terrible faction relations and to most, The MaD appear to be a dangerous, vindictive and revenge-bent faction, holding onto years of pain and refusing to let go of old grievances, using giant war machines and war crime levels of firepower to decimate those who stand in their way.

Truth be told, they're incapable of doing of letting go of their pain. Although The MaD worship and protect their vault sealed “God”, the inhabitants are lead by several sentient Eon Trees. These gigantic amber trees reside in the centre of their capital cities, stretch many miles into the air and have goliath roots that tunnel hundreds of miles through the crust of the planet. These Eon Trees are as living as any organic creature and are able to communicate with the luscorphs within the MaD to relay orders or advice, but the pain of their losses and the transgressions against them are stored within these creatures. Their memory is vast, real and never fades, meaning every strike against The MaD is forever stored within the Eon Tree's roots and is a powerful force for motivating them towards aggression. The Eon Tree's do have their benefits however, as a single tree is able to contain vast knowledge, and execute complex plans with extreme precision. It's clear that without the Eon Trees, the MaD likely wouldn't have made it past the space race within their early development.

The less “meaty” nature of the faction has produced a powerful connection with the mianracorphs of the universe, and The MaD is often seen as a ally of any synthetic creature, regardless of its origin. The MaD has saved the lives of many mianracorphs who've lost touch with their creators. Drones and AI's that have been heavily damaged and cannot find replacement parts can always find extremely capable repairs and replacements with The MaD, and they never ask for payment. The Eon Trees claim that the relatively new mianracorphs are often a victim of the universe as much as they are a product, and as a result, the MaD have an exceptional amount of AI and mianracorphs within their territory.

The mixing of plant walkers and synthetics produces an unusual but effective population composition. MaD cities are a bustle of light, electricity, roots and metal, protected by a thick canopy of bomb proof guardian trees and lit by brilliant amber pods, completely crimeless and safe as can be. The introduction of hyper intelligent AI has caused an explosion of virtual entertainment, and rather than going out drinking or clubbing, practically all of the MaD's citizens are video game junkies and technoholics, indulging in surreal virtual experiences that make even the Terra-corps turn green with how well crafted they are. When not working, you can often see groups of luscorphs and mianracorphs basking in pods with their headsets on, enjoying the latest technological experiences produced together. Few factions could boast the close connection that all citizens share within The MaD; its an unbelievable thing to witness for most.

With that in mind, is it any wonder the Eon Trees hold onto loss for so long? They're just as connected as any individual within a MaD city and they know every single person and drone under their branches, every loss is visceral and real, every luscorph that doesn't make it back to their pod is remembered for all eternity. Those who understand the MaD know exactly why they can be so blood thirsty sometimes...

The MaD rely on tremendous ranged firepower and heaving war machines to do the heavy lifting in combat. Their “Mitophoton” artillery beams are capable of levelling a skyscraper from half a country away and are deployed in force on colossal walker units and quadruped weapon platforms. The MaD war machines are typically towering behemoths, with many meters thick armour and heavy shielding, able to march through most enemy firepower and using batteries of heavy energy weapons to turn opponents into smouldering craters. MaD infantry also tend to be well equipped but are certainly slower compared to their organic counterparts, until the higher grade mianracorphs are deployed.

Because of their unique physiology, MaD units are able to scale in size with much greater ease and this extends to their cosmic navy too, with their typical frigates being larger than the Terra-corp equivalents and better armed, but fewer in number. Thankfully, The MaD aren't an expansionist faction and mostly keep to themselves, solidifying what they've got and building themselves up, but the tension between them and the Terra-corps keeps things uneasy at their borders. They might be slow to rouse, but the wall of armoured bark, lasers and shields that'll meet you is quite the incentive to leave the MaD well alone, for your transgressions will not be forgotten.

Tech strength


Average Force Size


Leadership Strength


Killing Power (Average)


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The Chosen*


Orion Industries

Draconic Alliance


Manakadia do have some organic species within their Empire but they are few and far between. It is also extremely rare to find luscorphs outside of the MaD

Manakadia do have a relaxed alliance with the Chosen, allowing them to go about their business without interference and the Chosen has been seen going out of their way to assist MaD forces when they're around, but their relationship appears loose at best

The MaD do not use any form of currency within their Empire but do hold a share of Dies to enable trading with others when possible

The "God" that MaD worship has not been seen in thousands of years and resides within a great sealed vault on their home planet, with the MaD maintaining and defending the outside of the vault

Manakadia is known for being ruthless with prisoners of war if its against factions that have wronged them, but exceedingly sparing versus those who haven't


"Auxrend" Energy weapons and "Mitophoton" Beam weapons

Armour class

Cybernetic enchancements, "hyper bark" plating, high strength energy shields

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