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Independent, Strong Willed and Flexible


Nomads aren't so much a faction as they are a lack of faction, comprised of independent colonies and individuals ranging from family run water farms to entire cities that ally together. Nomads are primarily linked by one thing, their independence. There are no taxes, laws or religions within nomad territory for the most part, just people and their will to live amongst the stars.


Because of their varied nature, nomads often don't get along with other Nomads, never mind the other factions. They're typically rather poor and ill-equipped too, lacking the expertise to build their own hard hitting weapons or the money to purchase them. As a result, nomads typically see a lot of conflict if they're in a busy area of space, with raids of pirates or Vora Barons being all too common. Many band together, forming militia groups and responding when possible to advancing threats, providing it's nothing too overwhelming.


Their hatred for bureaucracy makes them despise the Universal Council, who have far too many laws and regulations for the free-form Nomads to adhere to and the two are constantly at each-others throats, with border fights frequent but rarely lethal, as the nomads don't have the weapons to punch through U.C armour and the U.C will use non-lethal responses to prevent even worse relations between the two.


Due to their lack of resources and dedicated effort, the nomads will rarely be anything more than punching bags for the other factions. This does depend entirely on where they're stationed though; the nomads occupying the spaces between the bigger players can act as a buffer between them and, due to this, they often receive the protection of both, for selfish reasons. Nomads out in the less well travelled areas of space can sometimes go extended periods without seeing anyone at all, sometimes leading to a rather peaceful, if isolated life.


Life within nomad colonies is usually quiet but, due to their desire to be independent, there can certainly be some treading on one-another's toes when they don't see eye to eye. All nomads are armed, sometimes with nothing more than a pistol but they are ready to defend themselves at all times and this can escalate situations at times, but is also equally effective at keeping others calm, knowing what might be at stake.


Rarely are things easy for the nomads however, battling with ageing, passed down technology to get water and oxygen in space is a day to day occurrence for a lot of them. Simple things that the richer, more advanced factions take for granted can be troubling, unsolvable issues for the Nomads. A lot of Nomads are completely space based, having never seen the beauty of nature before, they tell their children about trees having never seen one themselves. Although the stars hold plenty of splendour, there is something to be said about clean, fresh air blowing through a canopy of leaves as opposed to a air recycler.


Nomads who attempt to forge their own path can see some success though, with there being a myriad of independent mining and production companies, each insignificant compared to the Terra-corps but able to make a solid living, providing they don't get raided by pirates.

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Blood Diamond Alliance



Not all nomads will remain nomads, many will seek to join other factions for various reasons

The opposite is also true; those irritated by their current way of life might sell up and move into Nomad territory

Levels of violence vary, with some nomad territories quiet and others famous for their near constant violence

Nomad planets do exist, but usually have a reason for not being absorbed by larger factions 


Salvage weapons and traditional ballistics

Universal Council

Armour class

Light space suits

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