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The Organisation (Org)

Patient, Dark and Persistent

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Similar to the Battle Sisters, the Organisation infiltrate deep into many of the other factions and usually try to remain undetected, but unlike the Sisters, the Org has zero intention of helping those around them. The Organisation is the largest criminal syndicate in the entire universe and they pride themselves on being able to extend their dark tendrils into the weak-points of other factions, syphoning profit and providing all manner of terrible products to those with the wealth to buy them.


They are run by an elite “High Table” which consists of several members, each with their own division to monitor. The High Table is seldom seen but deeply feared throughout the Org, with every member fully informed and aware of their power. They hold absolute dominion over their subjects, no matter the subject's position. If a High Table member wants you for whatever purpose, it will happen. Some members revel in breaking individuals, tearing down cocky enforcers and ruling in fear, but being a friend of the High Table is easily one of the best ways to get whatever you want.


Anyone external looking for the shadier pleasures in life will soon find themselves in the clutches of the Organisation, from drugs to sex slaves to snuff films, dangerous body modification, exotic pets and everything tainted. The Org deal with it all, and they deal with it well. Nobody knows these terrible trades better, they are absolute masters at finding targets to sell to and will blend in for as long as required to make their mark. The numbers are kept secret but its long suspected by both officials and conspiracy theorists alike that large numbers of the Terra-corp CEO positions are in touch with the Org; the extent of their reach is difficult to ascertain but for every den busted, several more seem to appear.


The Org is firmly split into their back and front end. The front end is the slickly dressed infiltration element, adept at blending into other factions and setting up venders, usually subjugating the local gangs and digging their claws deeper into the territory, well spoken and charismatic. The back end is where all the production happens, from hidden asteroid slave vaults, to illicit drug production facilities. For every well dressed, charismatic front end agent, there are a thousand back end enforcers, pushing the steamroller forward and ensuring their targets are met by whip, chain and bat.


Not to be confused with local street gangs, the Org are tightly run ship, with little room for error due to their high-risk ventures and products. They have made many enemies and are deeply reliant on the competence of their ground agents to execute their deals flawlessly. Their enforcers are as disciplined as any Terra-corp marine when on the job and often look professional as they clean house, leaving little trace they were every there to begin with.


Armed with their “Nyghtbringer” energy weapons, surprisingly capable weapons able to dynamically switch between shield busting, lethal and non-lethal, as well as a back-up of more traditional ballistics and melee weapons, the Org will make strategic decisions on whether to tactically retreat or attempt to overwhelm and subdue when challenged, although they don't pack the heaviest punch of all factions, plenty of isolated colonies have fallen to them and are systemically dissected and added to the Orgs sleek but ever present mass.


They have enslaved many unlucky nomads or those who owe them debts, forcing them into physical or sexual labour, or sometimes trying out new concoctions on them, its an utterly brutal reign with little chance of escape as many years of experience has allowed their high-table to work out the kinks in their plans. Those buying their drugs from the front end rarely give a moments notice to the back end hell that played out to produce it, but its by design, these relationships build over time and the gentle encouragement of a front end agent hides the brutality of the back end with a venomous grace.


Those inclined to a more violent or generally darker way of life may find their way into the Org's ranks, being an enforcer or a chemist will certainly keep food on the table and if you happen to enjoy that style of life, well, the Org may well be where you thrive best, but it should be remembered that the Org are only as successful as there is business to be found and for those who don't owe them debts or betray them, the Org are viewed with great favour as they cater to every fetish and desire imaginable, not that anyone would openly admit to it. The public of each faction is generally quite aware of the horrors the Org commit or have maybe even been personally affected by it, but desire is a powerful emotion and the Org are patient. Time is on their side and they know it.


With all that said, the other factions generally don't just allow the Org to do whatever they want and are committed to uprooting them when found, no one wants to the stink of child exploitation and narcotics on their doorstep after all, but the effectiveness of these efforts varies significantly, from a genuinely effective and well coordinated assaults to nothing more than a half hearted investigation for the optics of looking like they're trying to move the Org.


It just depends on how deep those metaphorical tendrils extend and whose neck they're curled around.

Tech strength


Average Force Size


Leadership Strength


Killing Power (Average)


Killing Power (Elite)


Durability (Average)


Durability (Elite)


Loss Recovery Strength


Economy Score




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Score Total



The Rewritten


Everyone (in public)


Org population is extremely varied but is devoid of more unusual species such as the rayei, Battle Sisters or Azuri

Org sectors can sometimes go undetected for hundreds of years, with both deceptive front end work and bribing of local officials

Org prisons are a nightmarish automated facility built to break the wills of those within them, each prisoners gets a single contained cube that is moved around the facility, these cubes can be repurposed with the intention of psychologically breaking the prisoner or training them

Org sex workers generally hate what they do, and the few that do enjoy it have usually been trained into doing so

Despite the lack of direct combat strength versus other factions, the Org are more than powerful enough to directly challange local gangs and Nomads on their own turf

The Org are one of the few factions that has at least a neutral relationship with the Vora Barons

Any persons captured by the Org are immediately put into sex or physical labour camps


"Nyght-bringer" energy weapons and traditional ballistics (Various)

Armour class

Traditional body armour, custom power suits and stolen armaments

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