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The Rayei Guardia (Guardia)

Elegant, Peaceful and Valuable


The Rayei Guardia are an alliance of two unique species, forming a complimentary existence one and covering nicely for the weaknesses of the other. The two halves are the marax khan and the rayei, with the rayei being the more numerous of the two. The former are golem-like creatures and the result of souls being trapped in inanimate material and forming bodies from the material around them; eventually this body hardens (but still remaining animate) into soul onxy, a jet black, super dense and extremely resilient material that makes up the bulk of the bodies of the marax khan. The latter species, the rayei, are a jelly-like, amber, human sized organism that floats around with a vaguely humanoid body, propelled only by their powerful psyonics.

Although both the rayei and the marax khan are both usually slow and psyonically powered, the rayei are lightweight, able to free float and survive in the vacuum of space, feeding on solar radiation with no trouble. The marax khan are the opposite, slow and grounded, shifting their solid mass with significant effort, but tough as literal steel, even in their unhardened forms. How the two met is unknown but now they live in harmony, helping to cover and protect one-another.


The Rayei Guardia live in graceful sky-cities, often surrounded by an orbiting belt of salvage and wrecks, acting as guardians for the luscious and near-perfect worlds that protect from profiteering Terra-corps or greedy Empires. For those able to to approach, both the glimmering, golden sky-cities and the bountiful planet below are wonders in their own rights, both being extremely valuable for a multitude of different reasons. Often times, the planets they settle on would be derelict without them, as their cities provide shielding from harsh radiation and allow life to grow in ideal conditions, only fostered by their presence.


The psyonic forces present in this faction are absolute and astonishing, similar to the Followers of Cyrune, but rather than relying entirely on their psyonics, they strike a balance between harnessing the solar energy shining on their cities and the masterful management of their own psyonic forces, having long perfected the art of the storing energy. And so, their floating spire citadels will sit in the peace of orbit, soaking in the cosmic radiation that flows freely, providing them with near endless energy until the day they no longer require it.


Life is extremely peaceful within the cities. Some days, not a single entity will move even an inch, happy to bask in the brilliant solar light and enjoy the warmth and security they've created. All of their conversing and work is done psyonically, as the rayei aren't able to physically do much with their soft bodies. Their relaxed nature should not be mistaken for idleness however; they are masters of environmental engineering, energy and complex universal interactions, each spire-city has a near endless library of secrets and knowledge, built up over ageless years.


The Rayei Guardia are no easy target. Although their cities are often sparse and isolated from one another, they are extremely well defended, with the rayei's ranged firepower being extremely long range, highly effective, piercing beams of solar energy, cauterising those who'd wish to bring them harm from absurd distances. They wield psyonically forged armour plates, these are several inches thick and hover around the controlling rayei like a swarm, able to morph from a shield into a whirlwind of metal death when threatened. The flipside of the coin is no better; the marax khan are wielded as solid shock troopers, able to withstand insane amounts of punishment and literally crush those who get too close, fighting the Rayei Guardia, on the Guardia's terms, is almost impossible. Walls of marax khan will endure your assault with rayei sniper fire will burn you down to nothing, its an exceptionally potent defence. But only a defence.


Never in recorded history has the Rayei Guardia ever started an attack, nor pursued an attacker past their weapon range. The Guardia's strength comes only from its united presence; a lone marax khan is easily dismantled at range with heavy firepower and a lone rayei is easy pickings for a sniper rifle, and even more easily dispatched up close, should an attacker by-pass their psyonic defenses. Even a single pistol round is able to kill a rayei should it pierce their soft body.


And so, the The Rayei Guardia live in a perplexing state where they'd much rather just be left alone, but their mere presence creates wealth and opportunity for others, as even just a salvaged marax khan body is worth a considerable amount. Those able to co-operate with the rayei can easily have a good relationship with them, but far more would much rather try for the jackpot than live with within their means as the rayei will never pursue them. But ,those attempting to plunder their wealth must remember, the range of a star is vast and immeasurably more deadly when directed right at you. And considering how their cities and fortresses are positioned? Gives food for thought to even the most brain-dead space pirate.

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Average Force Size


Leadership Strength


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The Draconic Alliance


Both the rayei and marax khan's bodies are worth a significant amount on the black market

The paradise worlds that they help create/guard are welcome to have visitors that are friends of the Guardia

Due to their lack of aggression and high powered weapons, its unusual for there to be survivors within the Guardia's custody at the end of conflicts, but prisoners of war are generally treated well

Sky cities can be hard to navigate for those unable to fly naturally but not impossible. Rayei will offer to help move those staying with them should they need it

Rayei are generally very friendly and happy for company, whilst the marax khan are usually silent and wish to be left alone

Outsiders who help Guardia cities from attack are often praised and given fully access to the city and planet afterwards.


"Solar" energy weapons, "Lunar" Electrical weapons, psyonic and physical assaults

Armour class

Forged physical shields, "Nebula" shield tech, Soul Onxy bodies and moulded metal plating

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