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The Azuri

Anomalous, Looming and Godlike

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The flip side of the heavily scarred coin, opposite to the Battle Sisters. The Azuri are believed to be legends or entirely fictional by a fair portion of the universe, which is entirely understandable. Described as “Giant women with absurdly generous proportions and capable of lifting a tank above their head” its no wonder people think they're made up but those who've seen them can attest that mere stories do not adequately describe the destruction that the Azuri are capable of.


Comprised of entirely female super-soldiers, rather than attempting to blend in, the Azuri are towering behemoths who's ungovernable presence makes them rather difficult to accommodate for. Unable to reproduce naturally, their numbers are extremely limited, with there being no more than an estimate fifty thousand in total. Very little is understood about them and they are almost never seen publicly.


What is understood is that the Azuri are “Serencorphs” or living creatures with anomalous material integrated into them. What sets the Azuri apart from other Serencorphs is the fact that they're entirely made of anomalous materials. They do not belong within the universe and their existence is a mystery, with the limited tests and research done on them only concluding that they shouldn't be alive in the first place. Ranging from average human sized to forty plus feet tall, these primarily draconic females are described as “usually muscular, tremendously busty and attractive” and do anything but blend in.


Truth be told, a single medium sized Azuri (Usually around 8-13ft tall) has a raw material value of around half a Terra-corp's entire worth in terms of the value of the materials she is made from, you might think this would make them valuable targets for enterprising individuals but there are several important factors preventing you from reaping the rewards. The first being that severed Azuri body parts explode, literally preventing you from cashing in any potential bounty. The second is that you're attempting to attack an Azuri.


If your average Battle Sister is able to take on several armed men larger than her, then your average Azuri is capable of bare handed tearing mechs apart, leaping multiple stories in a single stride and head-butting her way through reinforced bunkers. Closer to war-machines than people, the Azuri are the most dangerous combatants in the universe, barr none. One of the only understood principles about them is their potentially unlimited strength gain, their anomalous structure can apparently gain theoretically infinite strength and durability, veteran Azuri have been spotted bathing naked on the surface of stars and punching through comets like they were nothing, these creatures are impossible, absurd and tremendously powerful, far beyond anything that should be realistically possible.


Thankfully, the veteran Azuri are even more rare and are never seen, but the younger Azuri are still absolute powerhouses. Their fearsome reputation has been painstaking earned by their exceptional battlefield performances and their culling of Battle Sister sects through-out the universe when discovered. During either of these events, Azuri's are the stuff of both legends and nightmares, performing impossible feats and absolutely slaughtering their opponents despite being always heavily outnumbered. There are no secret weaknesses to exploit and the only weapon that is able to harm them belongs to the hunted rivals and involves getting into melee range with a creature that is able to move faster than you, has longer range and is multiple degrees stronger. In many ways, engaging with the Azuri in melee combat is absolute suicide.


Living only amongst themselves in the far reaches of the universe, the Azuri are deeply private and only a handful of people have seen their home worlds and survived. They are distrustful of outsiders and rarely interact with anyone outside of their species, easily offended and quick to anger in most circumstances. In the event that trust be established however, the Azuri double back on themselves and quickly become one of the more friendly factions, with Azuri's quite happy to stick their neck out for their friends and form fun, relaxed and engaging friendships with people despite their strong personalities. Reputation is very important to them and once one Azuri vouches for you, they open up a lot more quickly. But far more know the Azuri's for their reckless devastation than their fun friendships.

In combat, Azuri's have a strong preference for melee combat and will use their absurd strength to dynamically close the distance on their opponents, once there, few last more than a second as they can tear through any standard grade power armour with their bare hands. Younger Azuri have been seen shaking Orion shock marines to death, rattling them so violently within their armoured shells that they're reduced to a meat slurry within their crumbling frames. When melee combat isn't possible, they can have array of custom built weapons from the Chosen, often bringing deafeningly loud ordinance that has little issue punching through several buildings in a row.


The only other known purpose for the Azuri appears to be dealing with exo-universal threats such as the occasional demonic invasion and for the neutralisation of out-of-control anomalous materials, aside from that, the Azuri apparently spend their time training, hunting for Battle Sisters and relaxing with one another. Those who know of them often question what possible good the Azuri's bring and their reason for existence, many discussions around their infinite strength gain has led to the natural conclusion that the Azuri are a greater threat than most appreciate, but the question remains, how can you eliminate a giant dragoness sunbathing on your local star with two middle fingers pointed right at you?

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Leadership Strength


Killing Power (Average)


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The Chosen


Battle Sisters

Draconic Alliance


Their alliance with the Chosen has been on-going for as long as history has been recorded and the two seem deeply entwined

Azuri come in five size classes: Mini - Small - Medium - Medium Heavy - Heavy

Mini Azuri's seem to be a relatively new addition to their forces, more able to pursue Battle Sisters through their underground sanctuaries

Azuri genetic material is impossible to observe for any length of time and analysis of their bodies has been completely fruitless, thus, no copy projects have ever been launched by any other faction

Although they do not reproduce, Azuri do still have a sex drive, theories suggest this is for quality of life more than anything else

Rumours indicate that the Azuri are in a political dispute at the moment but no further data has been found


Physical weapons and "Kykrill" ballistic weapons

Armour class

Custom armour + Anomalous bodies

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