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A small Nomad colony reports that thousands of people missing and no one dares to look into it, Diego Harley decides to investigate and becomes the fascination of dark, dangerous creatures that begin to obsess over him, putting everyone around him in danger...

Meet the cast


"Do you trust me?"

A man that received a second chance after becoming something he hated. Diego lives his life in reflection, basking in its waters and returning the kindness he was shown onto others. Love him or hate him, he has become the centre piece of the Rewritten's attention and they are causing havoc to those closest to him.



"Its hard not to be a monster when every cell in you wants to be one."

Cold, ruthless and uncaring, Seeth was previously mistaken for a heartless corrupted abomination until it became apparently that she was never those things, she was lost and swept up in her ex-best friends desires, becoming another component in the Rewritten's ever-expanding horde. Now she fights against them, using her expert combat skills and otherworldly agility to best her foes and put an end to what she helped unleash.


"Stop hogging your organs, piggy."

Before her corruption, Leech was destined to be a medical scientist of tremendous potential, with a sharp and vast intellect. None of that has changed, if anything, she was smarter than ever, its just the morality behind her decision making which has plunged into the depths. She manufactures horror within her lab and furthers the Rewritten's cause with every sample, slice and slide taken. Everyone is either a tool, plaything or obstacle to her, which are you?

Moltezz design update_edited.jpg


"Loyalty is to the soul, what fire is to the steel."

An unwitting victim at first, Moltezz has become the filthy queen in all her sex, fire and glory. She delights in her games, play with her and show loyalty and the Queen might she fit to reward you. Cross her and it'll become apparent why Moltezz is considered a walking WMD.

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Arc 1

Chapter 1

‘‘People have been disappearing for weeks now, and no one seems to give a shit!
I'm not talking a couple of people! Entire towns along the outskirts of the
forest have gone quiet! I need help, please come to the following coordinates...
and please come armed; I can’t lose anyone else! - Oxyi.’

Chapter 2

Diego and his captors marched quickly through the forest, accompanied by the sound of thousands of shuffling feet behind the heavy thudding of the towering alien creatures

Chapter 3

“You must tell me about this man, Seeth! Word is spreading like wild-fire throughout the dungeon, all my Marks and Nodes are talking about it! We've heard you deep into the night... It sounds most passionate!”

Chapter 4

“If what you say is true, Oxyi, then we all need to leave immediately. We're completely outnumbered by those things and they’re pushing their way deeper into the surrounding areas with every passing night.”

Chapter 5

The pleasure had long faded, and been replaced with deep aching pains all over Diego’s body, like he'd done an intense workout the day prior. He had to admit, there was some satisfaction to be gained from the pain, but there was something much larger nagging at the front of his mind.

Chapter 6

Leech had a firm grip around both of his wrists and the seemingly now insane Plasia had him by the ankles, and the two of them carried him like a prized pig through the corridors of the dungeon.

Chapter 7

“Easy there dude... we're not your enemy!” A male voice called out from the darkness.

Chapter 8

Her breath hot with fury and snorting with anger, Cindy bolted from cover to cover, listening closely for anyone following as she made her way into Leech's lab.

Chapter 9

Diego turned and drew his sword, pointing it towards the door. He eyed up the tight space and braced to use his psyonics. The footsteps drew closer and closer, accompanied with another sound… sobbing?

Chapter 10

“You don't understand! You cannot land that ship under any circumstances! A-are you listening?!”

Chapter 11

“I regret having to do this to you, but you're just too integral to our cause.”

A deafening thwack boomed through the room, followed by a harrowing shriek of pain.

Chapter 12

“As heartwarming as this little reunion is, I’m afraid we’re going to have to end it here.”

Chapter 13

Too little, too late. Story of my life. Whether it was her own fault or not, Lamp would once again be left to suffer the consequences of just being… herself.

Chapter 14

“Attention all passengers, this is the captain of the freighter speaking. This is an announcement regarding the boarding situation.


“So, the Quill-Bellies have been destroyed and we're still trapped... but the bulkheads have held strong, and you've got a plan, sir?”

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