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Meet the Universe

Heavy Weapon's factions are split into three main categories:

Quick Guide


Each faction has a table to describe its strengths within respective categories, followed by a total score. These scores do not reflect absolute strength and are only a general guide to a faction capabilities. A faction that scores lower than another isn't guaranteed to lose because of it. Often times, a war is won by those who are willing to sacrifice more and play outside the established lines; the element of surprise is also priceless when utilised correctly.


Tech strength


Defines a factions ability to counter non-physical threats and their general adaptability, including psyonics and anomalies. Factions with high tech strength advantage will be able to disable their opponents technology/psyonics

Average Force Size


Defines how many units/soldiers the faction can bring to the average fight, number does not directly represent average battlefield numbers. Factions with higher number will field greater amounts of units on average

Leadership Strength


Defines average moral and leadership capabilities, lower value factions are more likely to crumble and retreat when faced with difficult or intimidating odds. Forces with weak leadership perform worse under pressure

Killing Power (Average)


Defines average firepower for the factions most fielded units/soldiers, higher value equates to better firepower. If kill power value falls too low compared to opposing faction defence, they may not be able to harm them at all

Killing Power (Elite)


Defines firepower for the factions elite units/soldiers, higher value equates to better firepower. Elite units are always better equipped with the factions best technology and training

Durability (Average)


Defines the average soldiers defence and ability to withstand incoming damage. Higher value equates to better protection from enemy firepower

Durability (Elite)


Defines the factions elite unit durability with the same relationship dynamic as kill power. Represents the factions very best defensive capabilities

Loss Recovery Strength


Defines the factions ability to produce more units and recover losses after conflict. Lower value factions may struggle to replace lost units, important for protracted conflicts

Economy Score


Defines the factions economy strength, more related to their sheer material output than their direct monetary value, impacts their ability to interact with other factions



Defines the factions ability to move units and materials around their territory with speed and accuracy, lower value factions may take longer to respond to incoming threats

Terra Corps.jpg

Industrial behemoths that stretch into thousands of galaxies and systems, Terra-corps are the projection of current day capitalism, into its futuristic and sufficiently wealthy forms. Composed of many multi-levelled components working under a single name, Terra-corps are vast, powerful and able to pour unfathomable wealth & resources into projects to secure their territories and riches. From capital ship assembly rigs that dwarf moons in scale, to planet stripping moho mines that rip the mineral yields from their encrusted deposits, and think tank research facilities that deliver data by the literal ton of super dense hard drives, Terra-corps focus on high yield resource delivery and quality production in absurd quantities. They ensure that their capital stays strong, and invests their money in a varied portfolio of items covering every possible facet of a person's life, both helping their citizens and ensuring profit from their circumstances, no matter where their life takes them. As the clock turns, there is money to be made at every point of the hand.


Each corp acts as an all encompassing umbrella of products, services and life-styles to their many hundreds of trillions of citizens, with a life not too dissimilar to modern-day urban life for most of their people. Bombarded with adverts and surrounded with a near overwhelming choice of products and decisions to be made, life within the Terra-corps is busy and fruitful for the most part. No matter your personal tastes, desires or choices, those within the corps will have access to products that resolve any issue they may be facing and, as a result, life is of reasonable to high quality for most people.


You can be assured that the Terra-corps are well equipped to deal with any threats; all that money and man-power brings tremendous problem solving and production capabilities. Every Terra-corp has their own military force, completely equipped with the latest in their home-produced branded weapons and armour. Each corp has a different flavour of armoury and tactics, but they are all extremely effective in their own ways and funded to the level where only the other major corps could pose a threat to them. From Orion’s bulky and steadfast personal power armour, to Enigma’s sleek stealth suits, Blood Diamond's industrial harvesting mechs and Oneye’s drone arrays, the sheer breath of technology available to these ever-evolving factions makes them heavy hitters in any conflict, providing they see a reason to deploy their expensive toys.


Similar in scale and strength to the vast Terra-corps, Empires are the other classification containing heavy hitting factions, who control vast swaths of territory, people and power. Empires can have smaller independent corporations, or factions within them but they must adhere to the ideologies of their empire to co-exist. Empires usually operate with harsher laws, ideals and doctrines than Terra-corps, who are rather neutral in most stances to avoid provoking their populations.


Smaller than Empires and Terra-corps, Factions make up the remaining heavy hitters of the universe. Despite being less substantive in scale, they are each able to punch well above their weight, and are masters in their respective suites. 

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