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"Just because no one remembers, doesn't mean it didn't happen."

Life starts with death

Among the infinite existences of the multiverse, and the terrors that plagues them, there is but one single existence that pulled itself from absolute, impending death.

The universe started off as all do, a something that came from nothing. Matter and energy formed from a cosmic soup, and eventually muddled its way though to the creation of sentient life. This universe settled more quickly than most, and life sprung and flourished rapidly. Eventually, a cosmic empire formed, known as "The Former", one of the very earliest amongst all realities, and was certainly the most successful at the time. This was a booming interspecies Empire that ended up spanning approximately seventy-five percent of the entire universe, successfully maintaining its population without any major issues events for at least fifty-thousand  years. The Former were incredibly successful by all measures, and conquered all milestones set in their path with grace and efficiency; maintaining an Empire of their size was no easy feat, but by all means, this was a pleasant, successful and powerful dominion.

It was at the height of their power, that The Legion attacked. The Legion were an empire from an entirely different universe, and their breach into this one should have been impossible, but their unique reality possessed an artefact of power that allowed them to break through the walls that separates realities, and wreck havoc within. There was no warning, no indication of an attack, no way of predicting an event like this could even physically happen, but all over the universe, all hell broke loose as The Legion poured out of their wormholes, and began destroying and claiming everything in their path.

The Former quickly mobilised their armies and resisted the reality-shattering invasion to an astonishing degree. These invasions were usually a crushing and devastating assault, but The Former were able to mount substantial defences and kill vast quantities of Legion forces. However, this was a sheer numbers game, and The Legion had more. Both sides haemorrhaged each-other, staining the ground with the blood of trillions until eventually, The Former was able to deploy some form of counter-measure, ejecting The Legion from their reality successfully... But the damage was already done.


The Former had been destroyed, most of their population had been scoured clean and only their home world has remained unbroken, and those who had engineered the ejection of the Legion. They were not the only causality, however.

The Fabric of Reality had been compromised


The Fabric of Reality is the very sandbox underneath your feet, it is the rules and laws that make reality what it is. Chemistry and physics happen because they are coded into the fabric of the universe. It is the engine upon which life is played out. But, there are rules and these rules are extremely important. One such rule / law is that energy cannot be created or destroyed within the universe; there is a finite amount of matter / energy per reality.

When The Legion attacked via their exo-dimensional wormholes, these intrusions literally stabbed into the fabric of reality and torn it open, all across the universe. When this fabric becomes damaged, the laws and rules it maintains are distorted. Sometimes things manifest which shouldn't. Matter doesn't react as it's supposed to. Impossible occurrences known as "Anomalies" manifest, and "Anomalous materials" emerge into existence.

These occurrences often spell the death of the universe that hosts them, as the effects of anomalous materials can easily spiral out of control, straining the already damaged fabric of reality further, and eventually, causing it to break.

In the event that the fabric of a reality breaks, the reality ends, collapsing in on itself and vanishing just as quickly as it began.

reality is breaking.png

"The stars are dying, we lose more every night."

Untitled design (1).png

The survivors from The Legion attack saw their night sky disappearing. Stars would flicker and tremble as the rules that enabled them to exist in the first place caved and broke. Although The Legion had been ejected, what few of The Former that remained would fight an entirely different battle for hundreds of thousands of years to come. You cannot exist in a universe that has no ruleset to define you in the first place.

Knowledge of what transpired has been lost to most, but somehow, the universe was brought back to a more stable existence, barely scraping by as it healed from it wounds like a wounded dog, crippled by the anomalies that plagued its once pristine land. However, it was forever changed. From its recovery, it now holds three unique titles, unique among the multiverses themselves: It is the only reality to have creatures made of anomalous materials, the only universe to survive a Legion invasion, and the only reality to survive an anomalous death spiral.

city breakdown.png

What doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger.


Time passed, and slowly, reality was stitched back together. However, the wormholes from the initial Legion invasion would forever be scarred, unstable and weak. Areas of stable space could now exist and the ruleset was strong enough for live to grow once more, but anomalies would now always be a part of this place. The creatures who live here will know a life of cosmic mishaps, impossible materials and bizarre happenings that simply make no sense. But these things can be powerful. A ball of ever-lasting heat can fuel the forges for vast armies forever. The factions that now settle this in place are equipped with artefacts of physics defying strength, and the fierce intellects that drive them will ensure that every last drop of power is reigned for their use.

Life quickly regrew in stabilised space; the new normal was far from normal, but it was rich with opportunity and ripe for the taking.


The dust has settled and everyone wants a taste of the ashes. Only Heavy Weapons can keep your home safe and your enemy at bay.


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