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As the crew leave their history behind them, they quickly learn that even the slightest drop in their guard will have severe, lasting consequences for themselves, and everyone around them.

Meet the cast


"Please don't give up on me..."

A girl of two halves, Plasia's good side is a shy, curious, creative and sweet creature, usually filled with anxiety and just trying to get by without troubling anyone, but in the presence of Leech, her tormented alter-ego comes out, eager to take part of the Rewritten's awful vices. The question is, can she ever be trusted when her other half is so dangerous?



"Nature is cruel, Captain. Let's rebalance the scales."

From victim to perpetrator, Ink is what happens when someone who is ill-equipped to be given power, is suddenly thrust into a position of near absolute authority. Towering, monstrous and deeply selfish, she only listens to Leech, whom she loves as much as a monster like Ink can. Tread lightly around this behemoth, for she likes to throw her new weight around at the slightest notice.


"W-we gotta go. Now!"

From her humble beginnings as a Nomad security expert, Oxyi's life was slowly twisted and pulled apart as the corruption consumed her home. Now thrust into the spotlight with her makeshift crew, she finds herself hopping from fight to fight, barely keeping herself live as the corrupted hordes advance around her. Thankfully, this Lioness is as tough as they come, even if she does shake a little under her armour.

Oxyi by Haachan BG.png


"I have data to collect, the future of the DA may depend on it."

A ruthless agent of the DA's XITD (Xeno threat investigation and dismissal), Scyler is a cold hearted and sly creature who'll happily throw his squad into the grinder to secure the mission objective or save his own life. Many have underestimated him but most live to regret it as the lizard proves time and time again that revenge is a dish best served cold-blooded.

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Arc 2

Chapter 1

“Requesting a situation report, Captain; over!”

The sound of heavy gunfire rang out through the radio, followed by the captain’s response.

Chapter 2

Snuggled up under the sheets in the captain’s quarters, the cool interior of the ship made for perfect cuddling, nestled within layers of comfy bedding and quality quilts.

Chapter 3

The electricity crackling around his power fist was dying. The arcing current faded and left him with only the retractable blades, held within the armoured gauntlet. All around, he could hear the rumble of the horde, down every dark corridor, from every direction.

Chapter 4

Plasia and Diego sat around a small metal table in the staffroom. A single dim, blue light lit the space. Its angle was currently casting a long shadow behind Plasia, but her precious sapphire eyes were locked onto the male, staring at him with nothing but love and adoration.

Chapter 5

The main floor of the space station was a commercial mall of sorts, an open layout multi-levelled area with many different types of shops for the average nomad to stock up and refill their larders.

Chapter 6

The gentle clinking of chains accompanied the occasional, low, soft groan of male pleasure, and the sound of fumbling, turning pages.

Chapter 7

Sitting quietly within his darkened office, the security guard relaxed into his chair, sighing gently as he stared at the numerous screens in front of him.

Chapter 8

“VENNER! What the hell are those?!?” Oxyi yelled out at the top of her lungs, her eyes darting between the multi-monitor station that projected all the CCTV footage on Barru X.

Chapter 9

“Soph- we need to -”

“- Stage name! We're practising!

Chapter 10


Chapter 11

Moltezz and a slender feline Node moved together through the upper decks of the freighter. Although standing at seven feet tall, the Node had to half-jog to keep up with the Controller-

Chapter 12



Slowly, consciousness returned to him. He twitched his fingers. Feeling gradually prickled its way up his limbs, tingly and painful.

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