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The Cold One Legion

Menacing, Unknown, Essential


The Cold Ones are a gigantic empire of cruacorphs or “cuttels” as they're nicknamed (creatures with a hard shell/exoskeleton), that span a tremendous amount of territory on the far reaches of the known universe. To the uneducated, they can seem extremely intimating, roaming around in massive fleets with bio-weapon ships that dwarf stars, and having a truly formidable battlefield presence, with excellent psyonic capabilities and well-produced physical weapons too. But the Cold Ones are actually rather peaceful and welcoming if you don't threaten them, but most of the time, people's gut reactions to seeing several multi-meter tall, heavily armed and armoured beetles is either to run or open fire.


The Cold Ones history is completely unknown to most, but as a faction they've been able to withstand cataclysmic events that threatened to destroy them and their psyonic link to one another, and come out the other side stronger and more united than ever. Most of The Cold Ones time isn't spent battling the other factions though; instead, they battle against the massive Apollyon Spheres that strangle the outer edges of the universe. For those not in the know, Apollyon Cores are anomalous red orbs that grow endless amounts of ultra tough “Dire Pine”. If left unattended, these cores will grow to the size of stars, comprised of a twisted, gnarled network of creaking, otherworldly wood that defends itself with barrages of stakes and splinters, each kill causing a new core to grow in the body of the deceased.


The Cold Ones have found their calling in combating and culling these massive abominations and then turning the dead husks into new hives for them to live in. It's an endless cycle, as Apollyon Cores are relentless and extremely challenging foes. They never sleep, never tire and can literally create new matter from nothing. Thankfully, The Cold Ones are well adapted to their job and their composite legions of various cruacorphs are well equipped and hardy creatures, ranging from the critter sized “Ant” class who can vomit litres of rock-dissolving acid and produce the Cold Ones complex hive cities, to the towering Goliath Beetles, dressed in heavy armour and well equipped with their “Khan” crystal based ballistics.


Pound for pound, The Cold Ones are a nightmare to fight traditionally. Their fleets are absolutely gigantic and are armed to the teeth, able to fight well above their weight class, and there tends to be few bigger than them. Ground combat is an even worse affair for their opponents, with their assaults being fast, relentless and deadly; the sheer amount of different species and weapons brought along makes them feel like a flash flood of chitin, crystal and death. But, as stated previously, The Cold Ones do not default to conquerors with other factions, quite the opposite in fact. Several of the smaller factions are well known to The Cold Ones and enjoy a healthy trade pact with them; it's obvious that a lot of The Cold Ones warrior species find it difficult to talk to people without their hive connection, but bless their chitinous souls, they do try.

Truth be told, a lot of The Cold Ones really struggle to talk to others outside of their faction due to the lack of the psyonic hivemind, and to prevent diplomatic incidents, The Cold Ones tend to only send kin who are able to more easily understand and communicate with non-linked individuals, such as the ant caste. It's easy enough to stay on The Cold Ones' good side though; with some understanding and kindness, you can become a firm friend of the cuttels, but cross them at your own peril. Their curiosity is easily exploited, but they're keeping track of those who do wrong by them and will be sure to cash their cheques before too long.


Between their literal planet eating deep space leviathans, hordes of dynamic, disciplined war bugs and hard hitting Khan weapons plus their rather powerful psyonics and huge numbers, you might want to think twice before double crossing the ant stood in front you, lest its remarkably larger and substantially more deadly cousins take issue with you.

Tech strength


Average Force Size


Leadership Strength


Killing Power (Average)


Killing Power (Elite)


Durability (Average)


Durability (Elite)


Loss Recovery Strength


Economy Score




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The Rayei Guardia

The Warlocks of Detromus



Cold Ones are rarely encountered outside of their territory

In the event Cold Ones need to pass through neutral territory, they attempt to do so as fast as possible to prevent panic

They are not defensive over their borders and freely allow other factions to pass through

They are known for being fair towards prisoners of war but their tactics in combat rarely allow for survivors, surrender is a safer option

They will freely trade with anyone happy to talk to them but most Nomads are too scared to try

Details about their leader(s) is currently scarce and its not known if they have a motivation beyond survive and thrive


Khan crystal weapons, psyonics and natural weapons/toxins

Blood Diamond Alliance


Armour class

Carapace, psyonics and forged heavy armour

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