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The Dominion of Chass (DoC)

Patient, Polarized and Potent


The Dominion of Chass are a faction who began as victims of the Draconic Alliance's cruelty. Formed from the survivors of a civil war over five hundred years ago, they took shelter underground, fearful of the DA's wrath and have remained in hiding since then. Far from living in caves, The DoC have utilised their desire for revenge as fierce motivation to best themselves at every possible point, and they have grown into a secretive but effective faction, living in large underground bio-cities and honing their bio-tech to a universe-leading standard.

They lurk in anticipation for a counter-strike against the DA, both afraid for their own safety and eager to dish out some damage for the horrors of old inflicted on him. They are meticulously careful over their bio-city locations and have gone undetected in various locations for quite some time now, able to operate directly under the noses of other factions without stepping on their toes. Security is paramount to them.

The bio-cities they live in are wonders of technology, rich and vibrant, often full of towering, glowing mushrooms, their citizens are extremely healthy, well fed and mostly happy. For the lack of sun-light they are thriving in the dark, kept warm by bio-reactors and living in completely self-sufficient networks that not only offer the essentials, but luxuries too. They have thrived where only death and darkness should have been found, which is no small achievement.


Their birth has led to them having some of the now rarest species in the universe living amongst them. The DA culled a great many species during their civil war and many survivors can now near exclusively only be found within The DoC, such as the illusive coralith komodo. These rare and competitive species give The DoC a unique biological edge in many areas, but also makes them hyper defensive, unwilling to commit their forces too heavily to any attack or defence under the threat of losing more of these already extremely threatened species.


The circumstances of their formation and their hyper-awareness of their history puts The DoC in a weird place psychologically. They hold no issue with most factions and are extremely understanding of those uprooted by war or loss, going above and beyond many factions when it comes to helping others. Their mastered bio-tech makes them exceptional at curing disease and aiding others, but their sheltered, defensive posture prevents them from deploying it in any sort of effective scale. If The DoC would break free of their sheltered lifestyle, there's no doubt they would be an absolute force for good, but they will not expose themselves to the DA under any circumstances.


Their bio-tech is not all for good, however. For ever person in The DoC who honed this tech into a healing force for good, there are several who pushed it towards cruel weapons of war to punish the DA for their transgressions. As a result of this, The DoC are actively nightmarish to engage in combat; no thought has been given to their opponents in any regard and every weapon in their arsenal has been outlawed by The Universal Council for extreme and perverse cruelty - not that it stops them.


Their “Synapse” bio-kinetic arsenal has been engineered to go toe-to-toe with the fearsome vulcan weapons of the DA and spares no expense in out-right stopping power or lethal after-effects. Firing “spines” rather than needles or bullets, these spines hit hard and are always loaded with an array of flesh melting, bone liquefying agents, ensuring a target's death beyond the physical impact. With even a grazing shot to the flesh from a synapse pistol being a guaranteed kill unless immediate (and advanced) medic aid is a applied, it's obvious why the DoC has earned a fearsome reputation with those it has fought with.


However, this further distances The DoC from forming any meaning relations with any other factions. Word of their weapons spreads much further than word of their kindness. They know they don't stand a chance in a direct war with the DA, they could certain hurt them, but it wouldn't be fair fight. The biggest question around The DoC and their amazing bio-tech still remains steadfast - are they able to heal themselves out of the hole they've dug themselves into?

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The DoC have several extremely rare species that can only be found within their cities, ranging from bats to sharks and certain species of lizard

They have a weak cosmic navy due to their lifestyle, with a preference for fast, evasive ships over anything built for heavy combat

Derelict DoC ships becoming living nightmares if not recovered, being bio-tech based, without maintenance, they will devolve into rotting husks that will attempt to consume intruders to preserve itself

They are relatively peaceful towards prisoners of war, with one major exception, but their weapons rarely leave survivors

Their reliance on bio-tech leaves them short when it comes to raw mineral and material production


"Synapse" Biokinetic weapons and "Haemoaugan" Sonic weapons

The Draconic Alliance

Armour class

Living armour systems, engineered carapace armour, regeneration systems

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