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Enigma Incorperated

Complex, Observant and Dangerous


Often referred to as Enigma Inc. or just Enigma, this Terra-corp started their life as a hacker group that soon realized there was plenty of money to be made handling data, without potentially pissing off any dangerous groups around them. Transitioning into what are known as “Data Slavers”, they made an initial fortune by sifting through masses of reports and analysing patterns for discerning clients. Eventually, however, Enigma managed to use their expertise in both hacking and data management to subdue a number of smaller corporations around them (known as “Data Breaking”), buying them out for a fractional price and expanding their base of operations massively.

They repeated this process until eventually reaching a critical mass, and forming a complex entangled entity of competing internal structures. Enigma has come close to tearing itself apart quite a number of times as its various arms all struggled for control, but the result of such intense internal conflicts actually resulted in a stable hierarchy, as they learned from their mistakes and how to capitalize on their internal competitiveness. For Enigma, data is key and they've refined their internal conflicts into a smooth, transformative process.

The result of this peace was a cohesive, ever evolving and extremely data-driven Terra-corp that relentlessly consumes smaller competitors near its borders; Enigma is an extremely intimidating neighbour for anyone to have but the heavy hitters of the universe. They are Orion's direct competitors and the two enjoy a constant back and forth battle. Whilst Orion offer the superior value for most physical goods, Enigma offer much more comprehensive complex products and services, and thus the two have managed to retain their own slice of the market without directly treading on the others toes too much, despite effort on both sides to do so.

Enigma tech is sleek and effective. Their trademark black and blue colour scheme is found on all of their products and offers a different form of strength compared to Orion. The latter creates robust products for the purchaser to maintain, customize and use as required, the former creates complete packages that assume the user is a complete moron and doesn't let them fiddle with the settings. For example, the “Titan” brand standard assault rifle can be disassembled completely by the user and rebuilt as desired, but the Enigma “Uzer” brand standard pulse rifle cannot be taken apart and must be returned to Enigma to be repaired (Or someone sufficiently equipped and trained anyway). Both perform to an equally high standard, however.

Generally, Enigma's military forces don't have quite as much sheer defensive strength as Orion's, but they have little weakness; their tech is much more advanced and their composite forces are lethal at any range, well protected by complex shielding with smart physical defences, and deploy exceptionally quickly by their advanced drop-ships. Most would assume that Enigma would have the upper hand in any conflict, and this is true for the most part, but Enigma's tech is expensive to make and, as a result, they tend not to deploy their forces as readily as Orion, who are more than well enough equipped to deal with most threats.

Should the suits decide to go all out however, Enigma have very powerful weapons and armour at their disposal. Gravity manipulation, pulse weapons, hydra shielding tech, “Ohm” personal reactors, suites of sophisticated AI drones and mechs, and highly competitive assault tanks give Enigma an extremely strong base for combat. The hydra shielding tech and pulse weapons work brilliantly together, with hydra shields dynamically adjusting their strength and usage across an entire squad and pulse weapons receiving a significant boost in firepower when the squad isn't having its shields attacked. Enigma ground teams are extremely dynamic and adaptable, becoming a fortress of enveloping shields when under heavy attack and a mobile pulse death squad when they get any amount of space. Enigma tech works together to make any soldier a highly adaptable and dangerous agent, sharing shield strength and reactor capacity across squads as required.


Life for their citizens is of high quality, but Enigma would much rather you find an easy way to do something than struggle at it for eight hours of your shift. Effort is meaningless to them, results are all that matter. Intellect and cunning will take you far in Enigma, and even a moderate level of mathematical skill is useful to them, as there are always more problems to be solved.

Tech strength


Average Force Size


Leadership Strength


Killing Power (Average)


Killing Power (Elite)


Durability (Average)


Durability (Elite)


Loss Recovery Strength


Economy Score




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The Universal Council

The Warlocks of Detromus



The Followers of Cyrune

The Organisation


Enigma have a mild human populace within their ranks

They have a more dense population spread than Orion due to their preference for mega cities and space stations

Enigma citizens are generally content but the nature of the corp means that those who are unhappy will feel pressure to leave

You are somewhat likely to encounter Enigma's citizens beyond their borders within an average lifetime

Enigma military is known for being somewhat ruthless in combat but will form makeshift alliances should they need to


Pulse weapons ("Uzer" brand) and electrical weapons ("Ohm'd" brand)

Armour class

Powered armour with a focus on shields and advanced resource sharing tech (Hydra shielding)

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