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Oneye Corporation

Paradoxical, Impossible and Brilliant


Beginning its life as a money laundering art gallery, Oneye's journey from dealing in price inflated creative pieces to becoming a universal powerhouse is all but lost, with there being so many variations in the story that it's impossible to know which is correct. By design, Oneye's history is a tangled muddle of politics, drama and assassinations that not even Enigma has managed to untangle, with the records so heavily redacted or straight up destroyed that the truth has been lost. As it stands at the moment though, Oneye is a safe haven for creative types, with the corporation placing a huge focus on its artistic roots. It's actually possible for even the most mediocre artist to earn a decent living within Oneye, should you pass their rigorous background check.

They are a somewhat paradoxical Terra-corp in the way that it has some of the most rebellious personality types frequently recruited into its ranks but also has some of the tightest laws and police enforcement across all the empires and Terra-corps, and yet, the two don't seem to clash. Truth be told, Oneye does take immensely good care of its citizens and the corp is often heralded for its social safety net, super low crime rates and high population satisfaction.

Oneye gets their strength from their people, their desire for highly creative, out-of-the-box individuals leads to them having some of the most powerful thinkers and creative powerhouses in the entire universe. Whilst they lack the sheer material mastery and production of Orion, or the raw computational strength of Enigma, Oneye have the lead when it comes to research in anomalous materials, which can often form or break empires on their own. These materials are extremely difficult to track down, locate, contain and use effectively but their effective use is a dominating force in the universe, and Oneye is the best Terra-corp at doing so. The result of using these impossible materials allows them to keep their impossible lifestyle afloat. Oneye, for example produced the design for the “Demon Reactor” which uses the highly unstable Voltynite anomalous material to produce ample power for ships and colonies alike. Many have tried to tame Voltynite, but only Oneye has succeeded on a reproducible scale.

Oneye's lateral thinking strength makes them terrifying to fight once they are sufficiently invested because they resort to extreme tactics with drone forces to keep opponents on their toes at all times. Often known as “heist assaults” because of the film-like nature of the attacks, these remotely controlled assault drones are armed to the teeth and full of nasty surprises, because Oneye only treats its own citizens well, having little regard for the safety or rights of attackers. Due to their outright crazy offensive nature, Oneye is like a porcupine in terms of its position within the universe; despite them owning vast wealth in anomalous vaults, they usually aren't worth attacking because the counter attack will be so devastating that they'll wipe any possible victory off the table completely.

Oneye are heavily protected by their own reputation. Stories of their retaliation spread far and wide and scare off any would be attackers, looking to pick the Terra-corp clean, thinking that a bunch of wussy creative types would surely easy pickings for hardened space pirates... It has not gone unnoticed, however, that the most creative Terra-corp has the most outlandish stories, and some doubt the legitimacy of the “heist assaults” and various escapades of incredible Oneye assassins. But the doubt sown into the minds of others is undoubtedly effective at keeping Oneye's borders remarkably conflict free.

Tech strength


Average Force Size


Leadership Strength


Killing Power (Average)


Killing Power (Elite)


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The Universal Council

The Rayei Guardia

The Battle Sisters



The Followers of Cyrune

The Organisation


Oneye have a mild human populace within their ranks

They have a more even population spread than Orion, although they have cities, Oneye also has substantial rural populations

Oneye citizens are technically the happiest of all Terra-corps but can be quick to anger

You are unlikely to encounter Oneye citizens beyond their borders within an average lifetime; most stay firmly within their borders

Oneye military is known for being complete ruthless towards those who attack them


Kinetic Ion weapons ("Phayter" brand) and energy based weapons ("DG" brand, stands for Delta-Sigma)

Armour class

Multi-layered power armour with a focus of life support and preservation

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