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Orion Industries

Robust, Reliable and Effective

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Hailing from the Orion Galaxy, Orion Industries are a super massive corporation that made their initial riches from raw materials processing, producing high quality meta-steel and layered ceramic for ship construction. They recruited material scientists and began to outperform their competitors by offering higher quality materials at a lower cost, and in higher quantities than anyone else, absorbing their rivals after beating them into submission. Orion Industries is now lightyears away from their somewhat humble beginnings, but they retain their specialty as a raw materials expert, despite massively diversifying its portfolio.

As a result of their founding, Orion still offers the best deals around for raw materials no matter the need, and has many millions of cubic miles dedicated to the production of these materials in titanic foundries and mills, both planet and space based. Although other Terra-corps have their own raw materials processing and production, none of them match Orion, and this expertise has translated over to their military products as well.

Orion Industry armour and weapons (Branded as “Titan”) are well designed, effective and simple pieces of kit, built to withstand any condition and be maintained by the user with ease. Often using heavy calibre, quality ballistic rounds in place of any sort of more advanced design for their weapons, Titan weapons are feared for their thunderous impacts and brutal nature. Orion armour is heavy, effective and reliable, much like their weapons, with their standard suits weighing four-hundred percent more than the Enigma equivalent, but able to withstand hours of ballistic and energy punishment.

As a result of their designs and philosophies, on average Orion combat units tend to be somewhat slow and easy to avoid, but their tremendous staying power and accurate, high damage ballistic weapons make them defensive masters, able to dig their heels in and hold any ground they take. Akin to an avalanche, Orion forces are seldom seen starting the fight but often seen crushing everything under mountains of explosive artillery fire and advancing lines of hulking, power armor equipped infantry, supported with super heavy front line tanks and mechs. Few can stand toe to toe with a fully engaged Orion assault force once momentum kicks in.

Typically, Orion favour staff who always give their full effort, working hard in their jobs their jobs instead of finding easy ways to get around work. Lazy or laid back workers typically don't see much favour in any part of Orion's workforce, but like most Terra-corps, political attitude varies depending on who their talking to, usually favouring neutral positions to avoid workplace drama or conflict. Providing you've not got an awful criminal record and are willing to put the work in, decently paid work can always be found at Orion.

Tech strength


Average Force Size


Leadership Strength


Killing Power (Average)


Killing Power (Elite)


Durability (Average)


Durability (Elite)


Loss Recovery Strength


Economy Score




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The Universal Council



The Followers of Cyrune

The Manacadia Dominion


Orion have a substantial human populace within their ranks

Average population density varies between the manufacturing megaplexes, super cities and more, spread out resource mines and outposts

Orion citizens are generally happy

You are somewhat likely to encounter Orion citizens beyond their borders within an average lifetime

Orion military is known for being tough but fair on most other factions

Orion will take military prisoners during conflicts, but will sell them to the Blood Diamond Alliance in the event that the prisoners are not bargained for


Heavy ballistic ("Titan" brand) with a focus on incendiary and artillery weapons, scaled for vehiclar mounts and power armour

Armour class

Heavy powered armour with a focus on mechanical systems and traditional tech. Shields and shatter plate technology

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