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The Universal Council

Stalwart, Peacekeepers and Corruption Resistant


The UC are an accidental space-based empire who came about by simply trying to do the right thing. They offer one of the most “normal” lifestyles possible outside of the Terra-corps, and are in a constant fight against more aggressive factions trying to expand their operations. They started as a simple police enforcement group trying to protect Nomads from pirates, and slowly grew to take on more responsibility over time. There was never any shortage of fights and people saw good reason to assist and join them. Eventually, this growth reached critical mass and the UC realised that they were essentially a faction in of themselves.


They see themselves as the best neutral party of all factions, attempting to provide safe refuge for anyone who doesn't pose a threat to them. Training their staff heavily in anti-corruption techniques, they deeply oppose the ORG and attempt to remove their presence whenever they find it. The UC are rather heavy on their laws and regulations, attempting to provide a fair playing field for their citizens, but sometimes getting in their way with excessive rules and laws.


Due to their methodically slow growth, the UC had plenty of time to build organically but it's fair to say that they didn't do much long-term planning of their future, and they've suffered for it as a result. Compared to the other factions, the UC import massive amounts of supplies and weapons, having most of the gear custom-made by third parties rather than directly producing it themselves. Although they have an effective military force, it's the weakest of all heavy hitter factions, lacking in any specialisation or strength, using compact laser weapons and ballistic compliments, which are a fine choice but pale in comparison to say, Titan brand ballistics or the fearsome Uzer pulse weapons of Enigma. Beyond that, their armoured support is nothing exceptional either, with a selection of tanks, mechs and exo suits but nothing that makes the other big players scared.


Thankfully, the UC are not an enticing target for absorption by any Terra-corp and a deeply unattractive target for most expansionist factions due to how many allies they have. Having close connections with both Orion and Oneye, both of these Terra-corps are more than happy to lend their forces to the UC in the event of an invasion which presents a significant challenge to any serious invading force.


In general however, the UC just attempt to keep things running, offering services, goodwill and resources to those in need. Their outposts can be found scattered deep into Terra-corp territory who need their goodwill, and generally all around the universe, they act as a safe haven and a beacon of hope to those lost or in danger. There is, however, a sense of peril to those higher up in the chain of command of the UC, knowing that their existence depends entirely on how the other factions are feeling. Should one of the other heavy hitters decide to go for them, their existence will entirely depend on how committed their allies are.


In combat, the UC use a mixture of highly effective non-lethal tools should the situation allow for it and standard tactics in larger combat scenarios, employing a mix of decent grade power armour infantry, gunships and mobile hover tanks, preferring a mix of speed and lethality on their units, with their weapons typically being light plasma and ballistic based. Their armour is produced by Orion and is of good quality, with a third party supplying their energy shields to form a comprehensive and effective defence package, making their soldiers difficult to bring down quickly. They do, however, have a preference for orbit to surface snipers and will frequently use high skill marksmen to pick apart enemy forces from safe distances. Their space vessels are often heavily shielded which makes retaliation difficult.


Their non-lethal armaments are most famous of their “Ego Foam”, a neon blue spraying weapon that douses targets in rapidly expanding foam that both traps them and disables electronics. Ego Knights are equipped with rather regal looking bright silver power armour with large neon blue foam tanks mounted on their back; the bane of many pirates and fugitives who've been successful subdued by it.


In an odd turn however, these days Nomad's severely dislike the UC, seeing it has a law ridden, bloated, useless faction that constantly pokes into their affairs. The UC does have a bad habit of attempting to push its own heavily bloated law book into Nomad territory, which is usually met with fierce pushback. As a result of this constant overextension, things are currently tense between the UC and the Nomads.

Tech strength


Average Force Size


Leadership Strength


Killing Power (Average)


Killing Power (Elite)


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Loss Recovery Strength


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Orion Industries

Engima Inc.

Oneye Corp

The Warlocks of Detromus



The Followers of Cyrune

The Organisation


The UC have a mixed species composition

They have very few planets and instead live aboard space stations and fleets

UC citizens are generally happy but the heavy regulation can cause frustration

You are very likely to encounter UC citizens beyond their borders within an average lifetime

The UC military is known for being extremely forgiving, taking on prisoners of war frequently and allowing surrender, preferring non-lethal takedowns when ever possible

Despite their preference for non-lethal, the UC will readily use lethal force against their enemies as listed to preserve their own forces


Ballistic weapons ("Ragna" brand, Orion manufactured) and laser weapons (Various manufacturers) with a compliment of non-lethal armaments

Armour class

Powered Armour with good shielding and life support

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