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The Warlocks of Detromus (Warlocks)

Kind, Capable and Redeemed


Around five hundred years ago, a powerful blast was detected by every single Terra-corp and Empire in the universe, an event of such magnitude that it was felt in some manner across multiple galaxies. For months, the Terra-corps puzzled over it and multiple theories began to rise, including the possibility of hyper-weapons or rogue AI terrorist factions, but these were all put to bed when the origin point was located as being firmly within Follower of Cyrune territory.


A couple of years later, a small, humble faction arose, far away from FoC front lines, calling themselves the Warlocks of Detromus and somewhat casually explained that they were the cause of the blast. Unbeknownst to the rest of the universe, as FoC internal affairs are uniquely difficult to spy on, a great schism had occurred within their ranks. A portion of the FoC's forces had grown upset and dismayed with the direction the Empire was moving in, and had elected to break themselves off, shattering the syphon runes on their souls and freeing themselves from the psyonic web.


They completed their goal at a significant cost; breaking runes is no small task at the best of times, never-mind breaking several million at the same time, and the blast was simply the result of completing the ritual. There was no agreement either; they had to fight viciously to complete it and the conflict has a body-count estimate of anywhere from just shy of a million to ten million dead, just on the Warlocks' side. Accounts claim that the Warlocks killed fifteen times that figure breaking out, but its possible these accounts are somewhat biased...


Despite their violent and blood stained beginning, the Warlocks of Detromus are a peaceful faction that intend to help others grow their psyonic potential, without grafting permanent runes onto their souls or getting them to commit war-crimes. Similar to the Universal Council, they've seen a slow, organic growth through-out their lifetime, having small outposts threaded into nomad territory, and within some other factions who don't mind their presence.


As a result of their unagreed schism ritual, the Warlocks are now actively hunted by the FoC at every turn; this is mostly managed with avoidance but on occasion, the Warlocks need to show their teeth and fight their corner, they have proven to be just as deadly and effective as their ex-cohorts but they fight in a remarkably different fashion, due to their complete lack of revival capability.


With the focus of the Warlocks being around psyonics and not the removal of aspects of modern life, they are happier to integrate technology into their arsenal and the result is an eclectic fusion of psyonics and engineering, forming the “Kastigyte” weapon type, guns that require psyonics to fire but hit with many times more force and have incredible impact effects. Looking more like fantasy hit squads than traditional armoured marines, the often times charming and effective squads are always a joy to fight along aside with their battle alchemists and witch gunners. Their guns often glow with power, runes etched into the body, flashing with every shot fired, clinking war potions strapped to their thighs and belts as they return fire.


The downside of these highly trained psyonic squads and their custom equipment is that they are not easily replaced and usually stretched thin, even across the Warlocks' meagre territory. Each weapon and round needs to be hand-produced to some extent which severely limits their growth potential, but that being said, its not a core goal of the Warlocks' to relentlessly expand, far from it.


As a direct result of their unusual history, the Warlocks are renowned for giving people second chances in a less aggressively capitalistic way than the Blood Diamond Alliance. Those who seek to make a difference can volunteer with the them, with a variety of positions available, from humble water distribution to deep space SOS aid and aiding in the psyonic forges that craft their valuable equipment. Violence and threats aren't tolerated, those who do not obey the rules set and ejected but many have found a second calling, able to work in peace and for a better cause, a nice half way between the complete isolation of the Followers of Cyrune and the hyper-capitalistic lifestyles of the Terra-corps. Because of this, they have quite a strong base of experience and reformed characters within their roster, meaning for such a young faction, the Warlocks are rather wise and insightful.


In the short space and time they've existed, the Warlocks of Detromus have helped many, providing free shelter, care and safety for those who need it most whilst fending off grave and awful threats. Although they'd rather avoid more bloodshed if possible, they understand how the universe works and will utilise their composite strength when required. Those who do not heed their warning will be greeted with a medley of lilac, amber and jade kastigyte rounds; brilliantly colourful and utterly deadly, just like their history.

Tech strength


Average Force Size


Leadership Strength


Killing Power (Average)


Killing Power (Elite)


Durability (Average)


Durability (Elite)


Loss Recovery Strength


Economy Score




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Universal Council

Cold Ones



The Warlocks have a diverse species mix in their ranks with no particular focus

Population density varies as they have smaller outposts with hardly anyone but also have temple cities that can be relatively dense

Warlock citizens are generally happy and content

You are moderately likely to encounter Warlock citizen's beyond their borders and outposts within an average lifetime

Due to their rivalry with the FoC, they tend to stay hidden and quiet to prevent needless bloodshed

Their psyonic knowledge is deeply appreciated by most and they have helped prevent accidental deaths by spreading knowledge of psyonics

Kastigyte weapons are able to go toe-to-toe with Terra-corp quality brands but don't have the same mass manufacture capabilities, thus they are rare and often sought after as collectables


"Kastigate" Psyonic hybrid weapons, pure Psyonics and melee weapons

Followers of Cyrune

Armour class

Rune enhanced armour and composite plate

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