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Girl of the Horizon - Seeth character profile

Name: Seeth

Species: Corrupted Czarite AKA Controller

Height: 8,4ft

Theme song: Muse – Sunburn -

Quote: “I'm no angel.”

Physical description: Caught between super model, milf and powerlifter, Seeth is a deeply enticing mix of strong, beautiful and curvy. Her wide hips, massive bust, soft amethystine skin and practically angelic face gives her serious feminine allure, but her head-splitting thighs, muscular midsection and carved back are a firm reminder that this is a creature more than able to handle herself. Her exquisite aesthetic combines the raw animalistic desire of the perfect piece of eye-candy with the sheer danger and magnetism of a creature built to overpower and kill others for a living. Hewn from otherworldly materials, she creates a being that is intensely desirable but glowing with an alien sense of danger and allure.

Bulletproof petals of ashen coloured carapace frame and crown her face, forming the border between her large heterochromatic eyes and her magenta jelly dreads that run down to the middle of her back, sometimes bound in a tight braid when she's taking on contracts or doing physical work.

A flicker of fiery pink warms the heart of her cold stare, along with a smattering of silver freckles across her cheeks. A mouth full of razor teeth hide behind silken, full lips but her steely stare rarely shows more than a determined or unimpressed glare. Her metallic freckles also line the top of her giant breasts, the curves of her thunderous hips and are found in random patches across her body, but are most intense on her bust. Her skin tone dives into a darker hue down her centre point, following her abs up and ending in a heart shape just under her collarbones.

Personality and background:

Seeth is primarily seen as a cold, hideously effective field agent with a no-nonsense policy and little time for those who won't pull their weight. Considering her extensive weapon training and capabilities, her standards are extremely high and meeting them is out of the realms of most ordinary people.

Since her corruption, Seeth has been “gifted” with personal distortion abilities, something she initially brushed off completely as weird incidents but nothing further. It started small with her suddenly appearing at the other side of rooms when looking to fetch an item or something similar, instantly appearing at her destination. These were put down to her just losing track of time or daydreaming, but the reality of the situation was Seeth was phasing to her destination when unobserved. Other element of her otherworldly ability is the fact she is completely undetectable by any mechanical means, she cannot be viewed on cameras, detected on sensors or photographed. She can only be observed by living creatures directly.

The extent and strength of these abilities are still being uncovered, her unique brand of corruption has made her an extremely effective field agent, as her Controller senses of detecting when she has been observed still function, usually something that can be circumvented with CCTV or mechanical means, but Seeth is entirely immune to this, meaning direct observation of Seeth is the only way of confirming her presence, but doing so immediately alerts her to you.

She is deeply hesitant to engage with her gifts, even verging on fearful. This is because Seeth isn't psyonically gifted, her abilities don't manifest as such and as a result, this leaves the only other possibility to be anomalous in nature, meaning the rules are not easily defined and certainly not understood.

Over time however, Seeth is beginning to lean into it more and her full capabilities have yet to be seen.

Her fear of her capabilities is hidden by her cold demeanour, as is her caring side, that will rarely manifest around the right people. Seeth isn't the cold hearted monster she is capable of acting out, even if that act is very convincing.

Truth be told, at her heart, Seeth is a caring, playful and loving person, with a fun sense of humour and a deep investment in those she is closest to, caring more about them than for herself. She deeply believes in personal freedom and responsibility, with a direct, honest approach to problem solving. She isn't the type to get caught in drama and gossip and would much prefer if people just spoke their feelings. She can be a little romantic too, more than people might think, even when they go beneath the ice she fronts initially.

Seeth is in a deep battle with her corruption, determined not to let it rule her life and is breaking away from the Rewritten as much as she possibly can, but is also fiercely anxious of her unknown capabilities, often leaving her reeling and pained when alone. She uses her laser-like focus to distract herself with jobs and keep the demons at bay, but her willpower is extraordinary and even when undistracted, she remains absolute, despite the great pain disobeying her corruption causes her.

But few will see these sides, both her caring and vulnerable side, her care for her closest makes her deeply defensive of them and crossing her or her loved ones is a sure-fire way to end up scolded or far, far worse. As per all Controllers, the corruption has gifted her with immense strength and physical capabilities, amplifying her already formidable combat skills to one-girl-army levels, where-by Seeth on a warpath is a very, very difficult thing to engage with.

She despises liars, ego and tattle-tales. Being dishonest and deceitful is infuriating to her, ensuring that all you will ever see of her is that frost-burn stare. Similarly, those who don't listen or are ignorant also earn her ire. She is surprisingly understanding of circumstance but will not relax her trigger finger if she feels the threat of violence, with her answer typically being overwhelming in nature.

She greatly admires courage and selflessness, with those who fight to the death to protect others in the face of overwhelming odds quickly earn her respect. A good heart and a modest sense of self will likely have an easy time earning Seeth's trust and respect, she doesn't need grand gestures to impress for the most part, just honesty and true kindess.

Her intimidating exterior and initial coldness can (and has) stifle potential friendships and a result, Seeth has very few people she would call her friend. If rarity defines value, than being close to Seeth is one of the most valuable things in the whole universe.

And who could disagree? For when your back is up against the wall, wouldn't it be nice to know that a one ton, eight foot tall alien, trained extensively in physical combat, is willing to kill and able to move faster when unseen is batting on your side? Seeth isn't intimidating because she's cold. She's intimidating because she's outright terrifying.

Sexual details:

Seeth is something of a soft-dom but will slowly lead you eagerly into the hard section with a leash clasped tightly in her silken hands.

Primarily a giver, she is big downstairs without being oversized, standing at 13.5 inches when erect with a substantial, jaw-aching thickness to her. She adores playful, romantic, sizzling sex, heavy on intimacy with laced with animalistic urges that slowly take over.

Her intense type of love makes her partner feel elated beyond equal, with her previous marks in the dungeon often completely falling in love with her. She knows what makes people feel good and is precise in her motion, perfectly able to use her plentiful tool to grind out several orgasms in a row from her partner, once satisfied that they've had their fill, she will indulge herself and let loose on them, hammering away at them until she's satisfied, often milking several more orgasms from them in the process.

Like a sexual avalanche, she starts slow and builds to an earth shattering finish, leaving an absolute mess behind and quite possibly, several broken bits of furniture too. Typically however, she only lets those that she really likes play with her massive breasts, considering it a lot more intimate for some reason. The more she likes her partner, the longer she will engage in her romantic, playful foreplay.

Good god!

Lookather! Gorgeous! Seeth has had her design update finally and I wanted to modernise her without adding too much. Her palette was very rich so I added a little two-tone to her to break up the colour somewhat and some heart pumping metallic freckles. Freckles look *good* on Controllers, do they not?

Let me know your thoughts! I think she looks a lot better! Still the same giant purple badass, but a little more unique now.

Drawn by Surreal Katie

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