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Sweet Venom profile - Tivy

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

Name: Tiveeka Galia AKA Tivy

Species: Hybrid Tanner/Cuttle – Unknown species

Height: 3,7ft Critter/Micromorph

Theme song: Infected Mushroom - Lies and Deceptions (Bad Computer Remix) -

Quote: “It gets in your braaaaaain!”

Physical description: A critter sized, adorable bug/snake hybrid, with sandy, short, fuzzy hair on her head, around her neck and on her abdomen. Her body alternatives in tone from similar sandy colours, to judge grey over her stomach and arms and finally charcoal across her sides and thighs. Strong emerald eyes and tongue give her a delightful splash of colour and these accents are briefly present as speckles on her arms and delicate lines showing the separation of the more snake-like skin present on her mid section to the softer, refined skin on the rest of her. She as a bug-like abdominal region that sits where a tail might be on other people and two tall antenna on her head that has similar colour to rest of her. Despite her small size, Tivy has a curvy little frame with surprisingly generous hips, but small breasts on her torso, giving her a plum-like figure.

Personality and background: Tivy is a bouncing, hyper, caring little creature that has nearly endless energy until it comes crashing down finally, where she'll sleep and eat for a few hours until rising into her hyper state. She has a deep fear of blood and gore, being vegetarian and turning into a shaking, unresponsive mess if exposed to anything more than a nosebleed but is otherwise quick to bounce back from negative emotions. Her friends have often remarked that Tivy is playing life on fast forward, including the emotional processing of events, meaning she can go from a terrible, upset mood to a bouncy, playful one is hardly any time at all. This can feel fake or forced to those who don't know the girl but its truly how she operates, she just moves past things quickly.

She has a deep, caring type of love for her friends and will do anything to ensure their safety and happiness, including taking risks and setting herself back. If her group is ill, including her, Tivy will be the one to fetch everyone soup and get medicine. If everyone is sad, Tivy will be the one to try to cheer everyone up, she cares greatly for others in a very genuine, passionate way. Generally, she is a happy, friendly, horny little critter who has little care for traditional social boundaries and has a funky sense of humour, usually seeing the bright side in most events, providing its not gory...

Tivy was a prisoner at the very beginning of the Rewritten's conception, she was captured right at the start by Leech and held within the dungeon, where she eventually met Geralt, Trent and Diego and escaped with them in the events of Sweet Venom Arc 1.


True background

Tivy was born aboard a Vora Baron battery farm some time ago, her parents were cattle and forced to conceive her by the Vora Barons to keep their battery farms stocked with fresh meat. She spent her entire childhood behind bars, watching people get dragged out of their cells, hacked to pieces and eaten by the Barons, terrified for the day it would be hers or her parents turn.

Her parents did their best to teach her anything they could but Tivy was functionally illiterate for most of her childhood and teens, with the only sense of relief being when her mum would read her stories in the back of their cell, to shelter her from the thunking of blades and rattling of chains. Despite both her parents being roamer sized (5-7ft category), Tivy took the genetics from her mothers side and ended up being critter sized (5ft below) and only days before her and her parents were going to the slaughter, a number of children within the farm were able to break free after months of planning. Tivy had to leave her parents behind but did successfully escape the vessel, alone. Her parents made her promise she would not return under any circumstances and so, despite her heartbreak, she left her parents to their fate and managed to find space aboard a roaming Nomad freighter.

The staff took pity on her and gave her a job aboard the freighter, eventually teaching her how to read and a decent level of engineering knowledge, with her small size allowing her to reach difficult to access locations within the ship.

After a few years of travelling around, Tivy recovered from her traumatic upbringing and became the playful, happy creature she is today. Eventually, she departed tearfully from the freighter, now having life skills, money and friends and ended up on the Nomad planet, where she bought her first home planet-side and experienced nature for the first time. This only lasted a brief few weeks before being captured by the Rewritten however, but whilst this was initially traumatic, Tivy soon found the sex dungeon of the Rewritten to be much more appetising than the battery farms of the Vora Barons, comparatively, it felt like a walk in the park.

Tivy ended up freaking out a few of the marks she was with during the first week when she was overcome with joy that she wasn't in any threat of being eaten, rather enjoying her time within the dungeon, but eventually feeling like it was time to escape, as being a prisoner still wasn't something she particularly enjoyed, even if being used a sex toy by Moltezz was pretty damn fun. She departed the dungeon with a healthy enjoyment towards sex, something she was pretty shy of before and hasn't looked back.

She worked her way through the bad memories and will likely always be deeply fearful of blood and viscera, but is able to function surprisingly well all considered. A tough, bouncy girl of determination, grit and love, the Vora Barons might have stripped her of her family, but they didn't strip her of her heart.

Background generated by StarryAI and added by me

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