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Sweet Venom profile - Tani

Name: Tani

Species: Corrupted Rabbit (Node)

Class profile: Kilomorph Serencorph / Strider Anomaly

Height: 7,5ft (Not including ears)

Theme song: Battletapes – Private Dancer -

Quote: “Stay with the pack, they'll look after you.”

Physical description: A tall, curvaceous and flirty lagomorph who's curvy body combined with her longs legs and striking figure give her a tantalisingly rich and adaptable look. Whatever you want, Tani can do it, from sultry secretary to hot nerd or glamour queen. Her shimmering crow fur coats her body evenly and conceals her powerful corrupted frame, although she is not overly muscular. Her pair of sharp emerald eyes are attentive and curious, drawing attention to her pretty face as well as the pair of Corriphite horns that protrude from her forehead, in between her massive, soft ears. Her silken hair is currently a deep ruby red at the roots that fades to a lighter, more fiery red at the tips, either worn in a bun or left to hang long where it reaches the middle of her back. Her fingers are lined with Corriphite claws, exuding the classic traits of toxic black with iridescent purple shimmer in the right light, giving a subtle hint over what she's capable of.

Personality and background:

Spoilers for arc two of Sweet Venom

Prior to her corruption, Tani ran her own brothel known as “The Warrens” on Barru X, where she both ran the business and occasionally joined in on the action. Despite the hardships that came her way, she mostly found the work to be extremely rewarding and deeply enjoyed her own hands-on approach to running the business.

She was deeply protective of her associates and ensured her own were looked after, forming a close knit bond with her fellow sex workers that kept The Warrens head above the water up until her fateful encounter with the insane Plasia. Unaware of the corruption, Plasia bought out the entire brothel for a night along with its next door neighbour and completely changed the fates of everyone inside forever, spreading her corruption with wild abandon.

Tani awoke afterwards with a new hunger within her and a taller, stronger body. Yet, her kin did not have the same luck, as her entire brothel were reduced to slaves rather than becoming a Node like her.

After Barru X's take over, Tani along side her best friend Mina (Who also suffered the same fate) have worked under the leadership of the Controller, Moltezz. Tani's background prior to being corrupted as served her greatly in her new life and her laid back but effective leadership style has promoted her to being one of Moltezz's very favourite Nodes.

Tani still looks after her corrupted brothel-mates however, despite them all being slaves. She ensures they stay together, keeps them fed and out of harms way. This connection with her old life-style seems to help keep her grounded as Tani does not seem hugely different since her corruption, to the point where Tani is easily one of the most down to earth and friendly Nodes in all of the Rewritten.

Her casual relationship with sex and responsibilities with looking after her slaves has translated into a powerful resistance to the corruptive force and although firmly integrated into the Rewritten, Tani is as “good” as a Node can get. Able to keep a cool head under the pull of her new life, its entirely possible that Tani could resist corrupting someone when given the opportunity.

Aiding her in the fight to keep her old pack alive and healthy, Tani is a “Manipulator Node”, allowing her to grow and graft corriphite onto herself and others permanently. Corriphites high physical toughness and anomalous properties make it an exceptional weapon and Tani has seen fit to graft large claws onto all her former colleagues. These claws are easily able to rend through most armour and pose an extreme threat in close quarters combat even in the clumsy hands of slaves.

Tani is able use her Corriphite morphing in combat herself and combined with her larger size and enchanced strength, she poses quite the threat when she needs to. That being said, Tani is not combat trained and her capabilities come from the aforementioned strength and weaponry, not skill.

A deeply loyal, friendly, relaxed and charismatic creature who has adapted to her new life with astounding skill, Tani is a shining example of what a Node can be. The question is, how long will that last?

Tani finally drawn! Doesn't she look amazing? If you're read new SV, does she match what you thought she'd look like?

Drawn by the fantastic -

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