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Sweet Venom Profile - Plasia

Name: Plasia

Species: Corrupted Czarite AKA Controller

Height: 8,2ft

Theme song: Royal Blood – Limbo -

Quote: “It'll never be enough! I can't be trusted! You need to stay away from me...”

Physical description: A bubbly, super saturated sapphire controller who's puppy-dog, attention grabbing, orb-like eyes give her attractive face an innocent, youthful gaze. Her crow coloured carapace is lighter in weight than her peers, crowning her face with natural looking, layered arrangements of petal-like carapace and is sparse across her body. Although Controllers typically lean heavily into the hyper sexual, near perfect aesthetic that the corruption gifts them, Plasia retains a naïve, young, and lost profile, mixing with the gorgeous feminine elegance to create a uniquely gorgeous Controller, topped with massive eyes that you can get lost in for hours. Easily the highlight of her stunning face, her giant iris's are swirling pools of luscious blue and crackling cyan, caught somewhere between tropical whirlpool and cosmic plasma nebula.

Leaning more into the softer side of the spectrum than muscular, Plasia's body is imbued with thick curves and satin skin, trapped between delicate and dangerous. There is no denying that Plasia's body is absolutely gifted with an abundance of perfectly shaped, hyper sexual features, but her looming height and latent strength is a timely reminder that Controllers are physical powerhouses, even when cushioned with an hourglass figure to die for.


A girl of two distinct halves, Plasia is plagued by a sensory induced second personality that wrecks absolute havoc on her and those close to her.

Plasia's “Sane” half is a shy, caring and humble person who is something of a witchy, alternative, creative nerd. Deeply introverted and uncomfortable in crowds, she is most happy at home, with just a partner or a close friend nearby to lean on. Far from adventurous or outgoing, she would much rather paint what she dreams or enjoy some music and food, cosy and unbothered. She has a quirky, unusual sense of humour, finding mundane things rather funny and able to find humour in situations others might struggle, usually by inventing rapid, improvised stories about random house-hold objects or animals. Those able to join in on Plasia's on-the-spot story telling will find her to be beautifully inventive, quirky and fun, a side of her that is seldom seen by strangers.

It can be difficult for her to cultivate friendships but once she has connected with people, Plasia has great concern and care for those close to her, often pushing through her own anxiety and shyness to ensure their well-being. But in general, she is a well-spoken, cautious but caring person, greatly concerned with thoughts of others and wholeheartedly against the corruption she has been infected with.

Unfortunately, Plasia's other half, usually referred to as her “Insane” side is a world away from her usual self. A prowling, hunger, aggressive beast that will rapidly and happily spread her corruption, with zero thought given to those she preys on. When “Insane”, her massive orb-like eyes will change to focused, hunter slits instead, perhaps an indication of her new found focus.

Hidden under her luscious curves are strings of hyper-powerful, tightly strung muscles, able to propel the usually soft Controller at her targets with absurd force, and as per most Controllers, Plasia is physically dominating to most opponents. The extra level of savagery provided by her unhinged psyche enables a whole new level of violence when required and firmly classifies her as a “Stay away at all costs” type of enemy to everyone but those able to hold their own versus Controllers up close.

Whether or not Plasia's “insane” side is actually insane has yet to be established. She's certainly unreasonable, selfish and dangerous but she acts with too much predatory wit and cunning to be diagnosed as actually insane, able to knit together plans of attack rather effectively. Insane Plasia seems to utilize the creative capabilities of her other halves's mind in a deadly fashion, the world her canvas, the corruption her paint. Those who underestimate the drooling predator for just a sex hungry animal will soon find out that Plasia is very capable of outwitting and outperforming veteran combat experts, able to quickly and easily adapt to her opponents. Although almost entirely motivated by the corruption, there have been instances where insane Plasia has chosen reason over violence, but only when its made sense to her. Unpacking what makes sense may seem simple at first: Will to lead to more corruption targets? But the more time Plasia spends in her alternate self, the more complex her decision making is slowly becoming.

The trigger point for her shift is the presence of Leech, whether that be smell or sight, even talking about Leech can be enough for Plasia to become extremely uncomfortable. Although it may seem easy for Plasia to avoid this trigger, try as she might, she seems unable to break away from the toxic mistress and as a result, spends her life in constant worry of what her other side will do should she emerge.

The result is a woman that is deeply fearful of herself, dripping with anxiety and perpetually worried about her corruption. She craves safety and peace, both from herself and others. Hindsight is the name of the game. It can seem easy to want to offer Plasia the safety and shelter she desires, but waking up to the dripping tongue of Plasia's other half looming over you may well convince you to never trust anyone ever again, should you survive.

Art by Surreal Katie

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