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Species details - The Premapis

Classification: Cruacorph (Cuttel)

Typical size class: Metamorph 95% - Micromorph 5% (Roamer/Critter)

Presence: Highly rare

Demeanour: Civilised and friendly

Aging type: Aging - 250 years typical maximum - AA treatment effective

The premapis are a species of bi-pedal anomaly sensitive cruacorphs originating from the outer borders of the universe. They are typically friendly and well integrated into everyday life, if rare to encounter.

Despite their gentle, timid nature, premapis are a deeply anxious, easily frightened species whose unique gifts make them extremely valuable to most larger factions. The premapis are gifted with extraordinary sensory equipment that allows them to “feel” the state of the fabric of the universe, giving them premanations of anomalous activity close to them.

Within range of anomalous activity, premapis become extremely agitated, usually seeking departure from the area. It is theorised that premapis developed in highly unstable areas of space, making anomaly avoidance a survival priority. This sensory capability varies between individuals but can be highly accurate, detecting even class one anomalies in a several light-year radius around the premapis.

This extraordinary accuracy gives the premapis an unreplicated edge in locating precious anomalous materials should their natural talents be put to use. Through whatever means, most premapis find work either as navigators to avoid dangerous anomalies or as seekers, locating caches of generated material for their employer.

Physically, premapis are unremarkable in strength, durability and stamina, performing in a similar range to most average species. They do, however, boast much sharper senses than most (ignoring their anomalous sensitivity), boosting their combat capabilities significantly but are vulnerable to sensory overloading tactics unless sufficiently shielded.

In practice, premapis almost never see combat roles due to their rarity and unique talents, but any self respecting employer will train their premapis in combat purely for self defence. But unless absolutely required, most would never kill a premapis, they are simply far too valuable. There is no other species who can detect anomalous activity in the way they can.

The cost of their gifts is their near constant paranoia, anxiety and self-loathing nature. Premapis can function well in stable areas of space (where they absolutely prefer to be) but are very rarely given the chance to do so. Their connection to the deeper mechanics of the universe clearly impacts their wellbeing and their general sensitivity also makes them easily spooked compared to most other species.

Beyond their sensory capabilities, premapis take great care of their bodies, frequently grooming themselves. They are true omni-vores, able to survive off practically anything but have a preference for fungi-based food. A poor/limited diet will impact the vibrant colours featured across their carapace and feathers, but will also dampen their anomalous detection capabilities, making them high-priority crew-members to keep stocked on expeditions. They have extremely silky fur and temperature resistant carapace, making them hardy in a variety of conditions and are able to sustain flight with their wings for reasonable distances, but overly heavy clothes or armour significantly impacts their flight capabilities. Their stinger is multi-use but isn’t particularly deadly and serves more as a painful warning rather than a weapon



Aren't they great? They've only featured very briefly in new Sweet Venom but I wanted to get them drawn up! Species belongs to myself blablabla. You know how it is.

Done by the amazing  xxlarkxx

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