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Welcome to Heavy Weapons

A reality that should have perished, subjected to an impossible exo-universal assault leaving its inhabitants reeling and on the brink of complete extinction. Although managing to repel the assault by the skin of their teeth, the very nature of the attack left the fabric of their reality in a compromised state, causing impossible anomalous materials to form across all of existence. These materials can cause death reality if they become out of control. But once more, life fought back for their right to exist, and managed to stabilise the rules of their existence over the course of hundreds of thousands of years.

Now that the ash has settled, reality has begun to resemble something inhabitable once again. Great factions have sprouted and formed, fuelled by the anomalous materials that still mysteriously warp into existence. Their spontaneous nature and limitless power drives the engines of war, causing a near constant state of turbulence across the main factions of the universe. From the gigantic Terra-corps to the furious drones of the Carthonex, this impossible life within Heavy Weapons is armed to the teeth, and ready to fight for their place within reality.

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Who Am I?

Ello there! I'm Beta_Krogoth, or just Beta as everyone calls me. I'm the creator of Heavy Weapons and most of the species / ideas within it, including the big boobed, jelly aliens that you may or may not have seen floating around the web. I'm massively into my music and games and I imagine that comes across in the content I produce! Hopefully you don't find the tragic creations of my mind too distasteful! If you can hack the weirdness and stomach the abundance of giant breasts, I hope you enjoy your stay in my little corner of the internet and don't have too many nightmares afterwards!

In the unusual event that you want more stuff to read and enjoy, please find your way to the 'stories and content' tab, as well as the 'lore' tab to learn more about the insanity that is Heavy Weapons. Come join my Discord for unreasonable memes and talks about writing, games and music, and if you're really feeling the vibe, consider subscribing to my Patreon or commissioning me for a short story when I open up! Just a note, all the art you see on my website has been commissioned by me, rather than drawn by me, but they are all my own characters and ideas. Big thank you to all the artists I've worked with over the years; they've really helped bring my creations to life!

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